North Korea preparing more missile launches

North Korea is possibly preparing an intercontinental ballistic missile, South Korea says.

Defence officials have been briefing parliament after the North’s test of a nuclear bomb.

The South responded to the test with live-fire exercises, with both ground- and air-launched rockets.

The US has warned that any threat to itself or its allies would be met with ‘massive military response’.

The North says it tested a hydrogen bomb that can fit on to a long-range missile. Pyongyang has repeatedly defied UN sanctions and international pressure by developing nuclear weapons and testing missiles.

The United Nations Security Council is to hold an emergency meeting to discuss its response. Ahead of the meeting, South Korea and Japan’s leaders had agreed to push for a stronger UN resolution on North Korea.

The Security Council last imposed sanctions in August, targeting North Korean exports.

Chang Kyung-soo, a defence ministry official, told parliament: "We have continued to see signs of possibly more ballistic missile launches. We also forecast North Korea could fire an intercontinental ballistic missile."

Col Roh Jae-cheon, army spokesman, told South Korea’s Yonhap news agency: “The training demonstrates the South Korean military's resolve to destroy not only the origin of provocation but also the enemy's leadership and supporting forces if they threaten the security of our people.”

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