Headley Court leads research to help military personnel with hip pain

Headley Court, a research team from the Academic Department of Military Rehabilitation, are leading a major project that could soon help UK military personnel with hip pain.

The Military Hip Rehabilitation Outcome (MILO) study is funded with a grant from Arthritis Research UK and brings together university academics, industry partners and

MOD collaborators to investigate issues surrounding the risk factors and treatment of hip pain in the armed forces.

The news comes as little is currently known about the causes of hip pain in military personnel and the evidence supporting popular treatment options is inconclusive.

According to a statement from the MoD, the MILO research programme consists of two separate studies: study 1 will compare the effects of a residential rehabilitation programme with conventional out patient care; and study 2 will examine the occupational risk-factors for hip pain in UK military personnel.

Commenting on the importance of this programme the Director of Defence Rehabilitation, Col John Etherington said: “Musculoskeletal injuries (MSKI) are a major problem affecting the health and operational readiness of our personnel. We know that approximately 19 per cent of the trained UK armed forces on strength currently have a diagnosed MSKI with army personnel the most likely to be medically downgraded.

“Along with several other programmes, this research is essential to ensure our people receive the right treatment for their hip pain at the right time. Crucially, the results will also allow us to exploit initiatives that could prevent the development of the condition in currently serving and future generations of military personnel.”

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