£14m contract for lifesaving medical technology

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has signed a £14 million deal with Remote Diagnostic Technologies (RDT) to deliver lifesaving medical monitors to the UK Armed Forces.

The Basingstoke-based company manufacture battery operated Tempus Pro monitors, which can be used on land, sea and in the air, an help facilitate emergency treatment for personnel if they are injured or taken ill on active duty by transmitting medical data such as blood pressure, pulse and respiratory rate in real time back to medical facilities and treatment teams.

The MoD believe that the deal will sustain over 60 jobs, and has seen 444 monitors delivered to the Armed Forces to date, with plans for around 900 more to be purchased over the next five years.

Harriett Baldwin, Minister for Defence Procurement, said: “Our Armed Forces serve with incredible commitment and bravery, and the new Tempus Pro monitor will ensure that they will receive the best possible care and treatment should they be wounded or taken ill on operations.

“Backed by our rising defence budget and our £178 billion equipment plan, our investment in these cutting edge medical monitors demonstrates how we are working with our NATO allies to provide lifesaving equipment to our frontline personnel.”

Tony Douglas, CEO of the MOD’s Defence Equipment and Support body, added: “This state of the art piece of equipment shows how we are delivering proven, world-leading equipment to our Armed Forces. The Tempus Pro monitor is a step forward in innovation and safety, demonstrating how we are committed to improving the medical care received by those keeping our country safe.

“This deal also highlights DE&S’ strong, collaborative partnership with industry, benefitting both our Armed Forces and the wider UK economy by sustaining around 60 UK jobs.”

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