UK expands training of Ukrainian Armed Forces

The UK is extending its training of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with new military courses covering threats such as countering attacks from snipers, armoured vehicles and mortars.

According to Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, this will improve the skills of the Ukrainian personnel and teach them to protect themselves against such threats now and into the future in the Donbas.

2,700 Ukrainian servicemen have been killed and 10,000 injured since the beginning of the Donbas conflict in March 2014. 128 of Ukraine’s Armed Forces (UAF) have been killed so far this year.

The new training elements will be rolled out later this year, the government says.

Last week, Fallon also announced that the UK has directly trained over 5,000 members of Ukraine’s Armed Forces in 14 locations away from the Donbas.

Fallon said: “We continue to stand side by side with our Ukrainian friends in the face of Russian belligerence and aggression. This training, defensive in nature, will help protect Ukrainian troops against the threats that they face on a daily basis. By stepping up our training programmes we are sending a clear message that we support the people of Ukraine and are firmly committed to its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.”

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