No-fly list aims to improve aircraft security

A new 'no-fly' list will be used to ban terror suspects from boarding flights to the UK as part of a package of measures to improve security following last month's failed Detroit plane bombing, Gordon Brown has announced.
The list will be complemented by a larger list of people who will be subject to enhanced security checks before boarding a plane to Britain.

In a statement to MPs on 20 January 2010 Mr Brown promised greater co-operation between international security agencies to share information on suspects.

He also confirmed that direct flights from Yemen operated by Yemenia Airways have been suspended until security has improved.

The prime minister warned that "a number of terrorist cells" were "actively" seeking to target Britain.

Conservative leader David Cameron said he welcomed much of the statement, particularly the emphasis on a "national security approach" and the no-fly list.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg said the prime minister could always count on his party's support in introducing "proportionate and well-thought through measures" which protected people and their liberties at the same time.

Source: BBC News

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