China must do more to end North Korea weapons testing: May

The Prime Minister has said China must do more to help end North Korea’s ‘illegal and provocative’ weapons testing.

Whilst visiting Japan, Theresa May welcomed UN condemnation of Pyongyang and said the UK was looking at ways of applying more pressure on the North Korean regime, including from China.

May is also aiming to allay Japan’s concerns over Brexit and drum up trade. She said Japanese firms continued to make ‘important’ investments in the UK as EU withdrawal was being negotiated.

She hailed British carmaker Aston Martin’s decision to invest £500 million in Japan as a sign of strength of the two countries’ economic partnership.

Speaking to the BBC after arriving for a three-day visit, May urged China to exert its influence over Pyongyang.

She said: “I want to work with other international partners to do what we all want to do which is to stop North Korea from conducting these illegal activities.

“These are illegal tests. It is outrageous, it is provocative and they should be stopped.”

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