Security is stated to be a top priority

Potential threats will be detected on a generic outline rather than on the image of an actual passenger

Under proposed changes, operators will be required to deliver a series of security outcomes where they can devise more tailored, individual and passenger-friendly processes

Advances in technology mean terrorists can share and store material online more easily

Exercises test scenarios that could impact the running of the Games, such as a terrorist attack

Aim of the strategy is to reduce the risk to the UK and UK interests

Website allow referrals to be made anonymously to Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit

Event will help businesses identify measures to take for preventing and recovering from a terrorist attack

'Prevent' strategy believes guidelines are needed for all healthcare managers and workers to ensure radicalisation cases are given attention and care

New agency will give a national overview of organised crime for the first time and allow crime fighting teams to work together

Prevent Strategy reveals funding will be made for the priority areas for project work on a grant basis

'Prevent' programme deals with non-violent extremism as well as violent extremism

Armed patrols to be deployed according to operational need

Met Police and Ministry of Defence involved in operation

Travellers warned to be vigilant, avoid crowded spaces and maintain a low profile

Fully ruggedised,  MIL STD and IP rated Toughbook range offers counter-terror personnel unsurpassed durability