National Exercise programme announced to test procedures in scenarios including counter terrorism

Critics have dismissed the system as too vague

Two new multi-view explosive detection x ray machines and a number of bottled liquid scanners on trial

Review will see how the current strand of the counter-terrorism programme can work more effectively.

Centre is being developed and operated by a self-funding agency of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Aims include to enhance protective security measures and strike a better balance between liberty and security.

Report states that activity in cyberspace is stated to continue to evolve as a direct national security and economic threat.

Report warns that Britain must be prepared for different types of terrorist attack.

Report states that strategic interests and responsibilities overseas could in some circumstances justify the threat or use of military force.

Security measures will include making the chip with the holder's details no longer visible.

Students, academics and businesses invited to suggest improvements to any stage in the air travel process.

Agreement will also see expertise shared on counter terrorism.

Challenge is a series of online and face-to-face competitions.

Taranis to test possibility of delivering the first ever autonomous stealthy Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle.

Individuals can now only be searched if suspected to be a terrorist.

Areas looked at include the use of control orders and the detention of terror suspects before charge.