Emergency communication

The most successful organisations, large or small, prepare themselves for all potential eventualities. SMS text messaging is an ideal emergency incident planning communication tool. As everyone has their phone with them at all times, text messaging provides the perfect rapid response mechanism in the event of a disaster or incident. A text message can be sent from a computer to every member of your community in a matter of minutes, whether your community is tens of people or hundreds of thousands. Importantly the message can also be triggered from pre-authorised mobile phones.  

Instant communication
SMS is a powerful disaster contingency tool that enables your organisation to communicate directly with all members of your team or community quickly and efficiently, from individuals and small groups to tens of thousands. You will also be able to send safety alerts of areas to avoid, prevent unnecessary journeys and wasted time, contacting all customers and staff instantly. The message can be sent securely from your mobile via your txttools account to all customers or staff instantly, from wherever you are.

txttools very importantly provides an inbound information route for staff to contact you and your team, which works even when network coverage is poor. In an unfolding situation you can send regular updates to advise all vested parties and choose to receive information back in from people at the situation. To be prepared you can also pre-write message templates to allow quick, but well thought out messages to be sent by any member of staff.

SMS text messaging is socially and digitally inclusive, over 98 per cent of UK adults have a mobile phone. Many organisations are adopting simple-to-use interfaces from companies such as txttools.co.uk This service allows the user to send and receive SMS text messages from their computer and track the delivery, much like e-mail, but with audited delivery. Having the ability to create discreet groups of customers, clients, patients or staff can have major benefits when you want everyone to be notified with a single message.

The tool is completely flexible, so you can send a message to a group or to an individual person. Messages can be sent instantly or scheduled at a later time and date. The schedule can be set months or even years in advance and sent out when that message is relevant. Messages can even be edited right up until the scheduled time to allow for changes in arrangements. Customers can be added to lists requesting information and replies may be automated or custom sent. Many organisations are now incorporating txttools into their disaster planning, it is proven to be the fastest, most reliable method for communicating with large groups of people.

Why are they choosing txttools®?
txttools has an uninterrupted message delivery in the public sector for the last nine years, txttools is used by councils, police forces, schools, hospitals, clinics, connexions and over 45 per cent of the UK colleges and universities. A robust sophisticated messaging platform that is easy to use underpins the company’s business. The txttools team have and continue to respond to development needs of the community. The application includes an array of features; two-way messaging, it is secure online access 24 hours a day seven days a week from any PC (using the same security as online banking). You can send messages to groups or individuals, instantly or schedule for later delivery you can also track delivery of every message.

It is possible to convert a text message to voice mail if the number is a landline, there are inbox rules, RSS feeds and auto responders. The txttools team have an outstanding reputation in both their face-2-face customer training and unlimited support which is included in the package.

Key facts

  • At least 20 per cent of all organisations will suffer fire, flood or storm, power failures, terrorism or hardware or software disaster. Of those without a business continuity plan: 43 per cent will never re-open 80 per cent fail within 13 months 53 per cent of claimants never recoup the losses incurred by a disaster. Source: Aveco
  • Major systems downtime costs (15 per cent of organisations) over £50,000 per hour. Source: Information Age

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