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Effective, reliable and secure communication has been the backbone of law enforcement and crime prevention for centuries. As a leader in mobile telecommunication, Research In Motion has developed the BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution to meet these needs that are common in both public and private sector organisations. Designed with strict data security requirements in mind, the platform is approved by numerous independent testing bodies and is used by government bodies around the world including those in the United States and the United Kingdom. As such, the BlackBerry® solution is known as the gold standard for secure data communication with mobile personnel. Global distributor and BlackBerry Alliance Partner, Z-Three is working closely with Research In Motion to further tailor the use of BlackBerry smartphones for security conscious customers. Z-Three’s solutions address common customer requirements around data security, device protection, secure data input & output via large keyboard and screen, power supply, asset protection via Bluetooth® as well as secure hands-free calling while driving a vehicle.

Data security

A lost or stolen BlackBerry® smartphone may give an unauthorised user access to highly sensitive information if left unlocked without a password. The short time it takes between realising the absence of a BlackBerry smartphone to executing a remote data wipe could be sufficient for someone with criminal intent to access or forward data stored on it.

The BlackBerry® Smart Card Reader communicates wirelessly with Bluetooth enabled BlackBerry smartphones using a FIPS 140-2 validated AES-256 encryption on the transport layer, creating a secure, two-factor authenticated environment for granting access to BlackBerry and PKI applications.

After pairing a BlackBerry smartphone with the BlackBerry Smart Card Reader with a valid smart card inserted, the device will lock automatically when outside of Bluetooth range. The BlackBerry Smart Card Reader is slim and lightweight and offers a long battery life, which makes it a preferred solution for protecting sensitive data available to key mobile personnel.

Full keyboard and screen
The compact size of BlackBerry smartphone is one of its strengths – but there are situations where a larger screen and keyboard is required, for example, Police forces often need a more convenient solution to securely display images or submitting reports  via BlackBerry smartphones when in the field.

Combining a BlackBerry smartphone with a REDFLY terminal provides a secure solution to enter data via a full QWERTY keyboard and an 8-inch display. The absence of an independent operating system or any user-accessible memory makes the REDFLY a “dumb terminal” which requires little maintenance and is ready within seconds of turning it on. All data continues to be stored on the BlackBerry device, which also serves as a secure port for communicating data.

Device protection

OtterBox cases protect a BlackBerry smartphone from accidental damage, while keeping it fully operational at all times. OtterBox offers three different product groups, ranging from a re-enforced silicone skin to a sleek combination of a polycarbonate shell combined with an outer silicone sleeve for optimal protection of a BlackBerry device, including against dust and splash water.

Providing physical protection of an increasingly important access point to time critical information allows for a broader deployment of the BlackBerry solution’s advanced technology while keeping replacement costs down.

Hands-free solution for vehicles

Secure, high-quality voice communication with the driver of a vehicle is often mission-critical. Funkwerk Dabendorf, the leading vehicle communication provider based in Germany, is now offering its award-winning Audio2000 wired car kit for select BlackBerry smartphone models.

Over the past 10 years, this solution has been installed in over 400,000 vehicles, including several fleets of European police forces. The Audio2000 enhances the reception via the vehicle’s outside aerial and charges a BlackBerry device while placed in the cradle. It further offers a separate microphone and is fully integrated into the car’s speaker system.

Continuous power supply
Losing battery power is the most common cause for putting a BlackBerry smartphone out of use. A range of authentic accessories are available to ensure multiple charging options to achieve optimal results for both charging levels and battery life protection. Authentic BlackBerry solutions are available for cars, trucks, boats as well as to charge a spare battery or to preserve power when in a carrying case.

Protection of assets
Keeping track of assets or people while on the go is made possible with Blue WatchDog. It’s a simple, but cleverly designed device which sounds a fierce alarm and notifies a paired BlackBerry smartphone once out of Bluetooth reach. Small and lightweight, it fits into any bag or can be worn by a person who needs to stay within a pre-defined distance from a BlackBerry user.

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