The Prime Minister is announcing a £16.5bn increase above the manifesto commitment over four years for the MoD.

The Royal Navy and Egyptian Navy concluded their first joint amphibious exercises in the Mediterranean Sea.

Ben Wallace has unveiled how MOD will secure and maintain scientific and technological advantage for the future.

The UK and Australia will cooperate on building and delivering the next generation of cutting-edge frigates.

The Queen has officially opened the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory’s new £30 million Energetics Analysis Centre.

The Defence Committee has warned that the development of 5G will open the UK up to security risks such as espionage, sabotage or system failure.

MPs have blasted the MoD’s continued ‘lamentable failure’ to deliver on key defence capabilities needed by the UK’s Armed Forces.

Defence ministers from the Five Eyes nations have reaffirmed their commitment to advance defence cooperation.

Ben Wallace has praised the MoD’s partnership with Britain’s defence industry during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Defence Secretary has announced that a new Cyber Regiment has been launched to protect frontline operations.

A new defence contract has been awarded by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory to BAE Systems CORDA.

The Defence and Security Accelerator has announced nearly £1 million to develop technology that predicts and counters cyber attacks.

The MoD has launched a review that it says will revitalise the UK’s defence and security industrial sectors.

The MoD’s Equipment Plan is still unaffordable, with the department estimating that costs will be £2.9 billion higher than its budget.

The UK and Norway reinforced their commitment to joint anti-submarine operations.

The MoD has signed a £346m contract to support the UK’s fleet of Typhoon fighter jets.