Lancaster stresses support for fight against Boko Haram

Mark Lancaster UK Minister for the Armed Forces, has visited Nigeria to mark the strong defence relationship between the two nations.

The defence minister met with UK personnel in the Liaison and Support Team (LST) based in the North East of the country, as well as meeting those delivering expert training to the Nigerian Armed Forces through the resident British Military Advisory and Training Team (BMATT).

Over 40 UK personnel are deployed on an enduring basis in Nigeria to coordinate training and advisory support. Training packages delivered to date have covered topics including infantry skills and tactics, response to terrorist attacks, bomb scene management and airfield defence, operational planning and leadership.

Lancaster said: “The UK stands united with Nigeria in the international fight against terror. With our world class military expertise, we are helping the Nigerian military develop the skills necessary to tackle the threat of Boko Haram. From expert operational guidance and medical mentoring in the North East, to counter explosive device training across the country, the UK is leading the way in its commitment to supporting a safe and stable Nigeria.”

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