£67 million pledged for British troops to counter improvised explosive devices

Doubling of British teams to counter threat from the explosive devices also announced.

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced an extra £67 million will be provided to British troops to help them counter improvised explosive devices.

He also announced additional funding for policing, education, jobs and governance reform in Afghanistan and that he would be doubling the number of British teams there to counter the threat from those explosive devices.

Cameron emphasised the importance of the relationship between the two countries and that Afghanistan is Britain’s most important foreign policy and national security issue.

He added that this year will be a "vital year" when Nato forces have to make progress – both for the sake of the Afghan people and on behalf of people in Britain "who want to see this work and want to see progress."

Cameron said: "My biggest duty as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is to our armed forces and to make sure that they have all the equipment and all of the protection that they need to do the absolutely vital job that they are doing here in Afghanistan."

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