Baldwin visits Ajax vehicles in Wales

Defence Minister Harriet Baldwin has visited General Dynamics’ factory in Wales to view two Ares vehicles in the final stages of testing before they are delivered to the British Army.

The new Ares protected mobility vehicle, part of the £4.5 billion Ajax family of armoured vehicles, are being developed and tested at the factory in Merthyr Tydfil.

The six variants in the Ajax programme – Athena, Ajax, Ares, Apollo, Atlas and Argus - are due to come into service in 2020, providing a full suite of medium armoured vehicles and capabilities.

The Ares vehicles will continue going through a process known as Government Acceptance Training (GAT) before they are handed over to the Army.

Baldwin, said: “I am delighted to see the Ares in action. This vehicle, and the others in the Ajax family, will give the British Army a multi-role, mounted fighting power and reconnaissance capability fit for the future. We continue to invest in the best equipment for our Armed Forces, and I’m delighted to support such strong investment in Wales.”

Alongside Guto Bebb, Minister for the UK Government in Wales, Baldwin was also given a tour of the facility which was only opened in 2016.

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