Over 3,000 ISIS fighters killed by RAF strikes

Ministry of Defence figures suggest that RAF airstrikes over Syria and Iraq have killed more than 3,000 militants from the ISIS terrorist group.

Claiming that there was no ‘credible evidence’ that civilians had been killed, the MOD figures show that there were an estimated 2,684 fighters killed in Iraq since 2014, with a further 410 having been killed on Syria since 2015.

Most ISIS deaths in Syria resulted from strikes in Raqqa, while the joint coalition-Kurdish attempt to liberate Mosul is expected to have resulted in a large increase in deaths.

Despite the MOD civilian claim, Airways said that it would be ‘statistically impossible’ to carry out such air strikes without killing civilians. The group, which monitors civilian casualties from international airstrikes in the region, claimed that US airstrikes has conceded ‘one civilian death for every 40 of its anti-IS strikes’.

The figures were obtained by the Press Association under Freedom of Information laws.

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