Cyber Security Challenge UK launched to find cyber security professionals

Challenge is a series of online and face-to-face competitions.

The Cyber Security Challenge UK has launched, to find future cyber security professionals.

The Challenge is online and face-to-face competitions designed by security, education and government organisations in response to the shortage of skilled professionals in the cyber security sector, and the challenge of how to increase the resilience of the UK’s online presence with existing human resources.

The most talented individuals capable of becoming our first line of defence against cyber attacks now and in the future will be identified, with the very latest technologies to test everyone from teenagers to IT professionals.

Over 30 prizes are on offer for successful candidates, to help winners progress career opportunities in the cyber security profession, including bursaries for university courses, places on top private-sector training courses and access to professional expertise and resources.

The two initial competitions each feature a virtual competition where participants compete online and a face-to-face playoff for the most successful participants in the virtual stage.

The best performing team or individual in the playoff will win that competition.

The QinetiQ Network Defence Competition utilises QinetiQ’s knowledge of network defence and its world-class modelling and virtualisation facilities and involves teams reviewing, administering and defending a simulated network against attacks from cyber security professionals.

The SANS Institute and Sophos Treasure Hunt is an online game for all ages and levels of experience, challenging participants to identify security flaws on a dummy website and answer questions based on the issues they find.

Successful participants in each of these competitions will be invited to attend the Cyber Security Challenge UK Masterclass, which will challenge candidates to demonstrate their technical, strategic, commercial, and interpersonal skills as they work in teams to cope with the challenges of managing and defending a business technology network in an accurately simulated commercial environment.

Judy Baker, Director, Cyber Security Challenge UK said: "The Challenge will help the nation’s best, undiscovered talent achieve their cyber security career ambitions."

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