EU to end airport liquid restrictions by 2013

Liquid over 100ml not allowed in passenger’s hand luggage since late 2006.

The EU has announced that restrictions on liquids carried by air passengers will end by April 2013.

Other airport security measures bought in since September 11 2001 are being streamlined.

Since late 2006, European airports have banned liquid in containers over 100ml to be carried in hand luggage, including syrups, creams, gels and pastes.

Liquids in containers have to be carried in a transparent bag measuring 20cm by 20cm.

The European Commission have stated that new screening equipment capable of detecting liquid explosives must be installed by the deadline.

"By that date, the current restrictions on the carriage of liquids in cabin baggage will end. The transition period until 2013 is necessary to allow for a roll-out of liquids screening equipment at all EU airports."

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